Weekly page views are show here, page view numbers for feed and video pages.

The index started a rebuild Aug 31 2010, hence the spike and no previous data.
Spikes here can usually be matched to the graph below as feed ingest will increase these numbers.

Avg Duration : 7m 0s
Total time : 57w 0d 15h 34m 41s
Number of videos used in calculations : 82198

Codec Stats

3717 Authors.
129 Users.
35 Categories.
0 Feeds waiting to be scanned.
1876 Feeds waiting to be approved.
3791 Approved feeds.
82440 Videos.
3.3122116728 TB of video.
Feeds updated in the last 24 hours :: 0
Items added in the last 24 hours ::0 ( B)

About the engine

The engine indexes podcast content that has been added to it's queue, usually by importing opml files.
Currently a feed scan is run about once 20 minutes. Hostgator tunred down the cronjobs without notification.
Feed items are checked for video and to make sure they are flash capable.
The feed then waits to be approved and then categorized.
Previously aquired items are checked to verify they can be viewed.
Items that cannot be viewed will be removed from the system.
If all items are removed from a feed, the feed will be removed if no new content is found on the next scan. Sometimes it eats itself for lunch....